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FindBride review
Russian dating site

     Find-bride impressed us with its seriousness. It focuses mainly on long-term relationship and marriage. The find-bride team has been helping lonely hearts to find their soulmates for nearly a decade in cooperation with their international and local affiliates.


   Beautiful Ukrainian and Russian women available for Live Video Chat and IM


   They provide endless selection of Ukrainian and Russian women and the entire full-circle dating process, from instant messages (IM) and two-way video streaming service to individual romance tours. They have large database of thousands of gorgeous Eastern European women, primarily from Ukraine. With over 20,000 registered women profiles, Find-Bride offers all of the services you need in each stage of your courtship and relationship.


   Find-bride Success Stories and popularity of international dating


   Multitudes of success stories published on Find-bride are a live proof that despite of what the critics may say, the popularity of international dating is boosting, alongside with increasing globalization in every sphere of life nowadays. Eastern Europe is the red-hot center of international dating, it’s an absolute fact and the primary reason for this is the stunning beauty of the women who live there.



   Find-bride Anti-scam Policy and Safety


   Find-bride managers take hands-on attitude when it comes to safety and well-being of their clients, it’s reflected in their well-thought-out and effective anti-scam policy. You can easily and safely enjoy the benefits of international dating on Find-Bride. Although they have eliminated the scammers, there are certain practices you need to avoid on any dating site.



   Our dating advice for using Find-Bride


   Firstly, don’t send your money to anyone, no matter how seemingly plausible their stories and excuses are. It’s an absolute no-no!

   Secondly, we recommend choosing a lady who can speak English. Of course Find-bride offers great translation services and you can hire an interpreter when it comes to face-to-face meeting with your lady, but the presence of the third person on your date prevents it from being personal and intimate and can create certain barriers. With the great selection of marvelous ladies that Find-bride offers, you can easily find hundreds of lovely brides who can speak good English.


   With this kept in mind, we are pretty sure that your dating experience on Find-bride will be not only enjoyable and romantic, but really successful and life-changing!














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Find-Bride isn’t working

Why can’t I open FindBride website ?

I can’t login to FindBride

Why can’t I access Find-Bride ?


These have been the most frequent comments and questions of our customers since 21 October 2021.

So what happened to FindBride?

Find-bride is currently having some technical problems caused by its sudden and quite unexpected moving to another domain. We don’t know yet why they decided to change the name of the site. Find-Bride website is not working properly right now but we hope that they will be back on track pretty soon.

In the meanwhile we recommend using J4Love.net as an alternative option. Their selection of women is simply stunning! Also they are well-known for their strongest anti-scam policy and affordable prices.