About us We are not just a team of experts; we are a team of friends: happy couples from USA, EU and Eastern Europe who have hands-on experience in international dating. We all have started out as lonely men and women seeking for their soulmates. And we all have succeeded in finding them! Having tried out many international dating sites we have vast knowledge of how these websites work and what the whole process of searching for, dating and marrying Eastern European women looks like. We have had our ups and downs in dating. It has not always been an enjoyable process and each of us has encountered some problems and disappointments. But perseverance always pays off; and if you put in some efforts – you will get the rewards. We have got our rewards – we are now blessed with love and happy families! Our commitment is to make this world a better place, so we want to make our experience and knowledge available and helpful to everyone searching for love and passion. Our goal is to give you an insight on the most popular dating sites. We want to provide you with all the necessary information and tools to know which of them are reliable and worthy of your time. It’s not a secret that it’s better to just stay away from some dating sites, and there are certain practices you need to avoid. We aim at giving you a complete know-how to be able to choose the right place and the proper ways to find your beautiful bride. We make international dating easy, safe and enjoyable!