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How To Attract A Younger Woman.
10 Helpful Tips On Dating Younger Girls

If you are getting on in years and consider dating a beautiful young woman we have good news for you.  40% of Ukrainian couples have significant age difference - a woman is between 10 and 30 years younger than her man.


Let’s face the truth: biologically women tend to be more mature and own up to more responsibilities than men of the same age as them. They value Security, Loyalty, Safety, Generosity and Stability – that’s what they are looking for in the men. These are just a few things you can easily attract younger women with alongside with Romance, Understanding, Stable and Even-tempered Personality.



Multiple studies show that men who have younger wives tend to live longer and be in better health. After all, it can become your fire, your passion in love, something that makes life worth living to the fullest every day.

Taking into account that a certain age gap is a totally normal thing in Russian and Ukrainian women’s mentality, hooking up with a young sexy  woman should not be that hard for you on Ukrainian Dating sites. However, there are a few Tips On Dating Younger Women our psychologists and sexologists brought together for you.


1. Don’t make it all about sex. One of the woes younger women tend to deal with in relationship with older guys  is  being played games with. There is nothing worse for a woman than a feeling she is being used for sex only. Alongside with the hottest nights you also  need romance and intellectual spark.


2. Be yourself and act your age. Don’t go out of your way to be cool. She is aware that you are older and  it is not a problem for her. Be more assured of what you are and what you want – that’s what young women like about older men. Have unshakable confidence, but don’t be cocky. There is no need to constantly broadcast your strengths. Having a strong life vision and a worthy life mission  is often far more important than having  a lot of money. Needless to say, ladies  like it when you don’t have that “month-to-month living” approach to salary, but maturity and not taking woman’s love for granted – that’s what  really attracts girls. These features are especially valued by women in relationship.


3. Even if you really admire her for her body and sex appeal, don’t make gross comments, especially at the beginning of relationship. It’s not the way to go and you certainly know it. Use your  age and  wisdom to your advantage  so you can practice proper etiquette  when pursuing  younger ladies.


4. An important commandment of dating and attracting a younger woman is treating her as an equal. Sometimes you will feel the urge to offer your advice and guidance and she will accept it with gratitude because she can benefit a lot from your knowledge and occasional mentorship. But remember that she has been living her life as a legal adult long before she met you. Even though she may be decades younger than you don’t make her feel like she has to constantly justify her ideas, decisions, thoughts and actions. If becoming a father figure to her is not  what you  want – don’t patronise her.


5. Acknowledge the elephant in the room just once by asking her how she feels about your age difference. Even though she is obviously alright with it since she is with you, it would be fair to bring it to the table without reinforcing any issues. Get the conversation out of the way and move on. Don’t get fixated on it and don’t dredge up the age gap anymore.



6. Think of her potential fears and concerns of dating an older man. What is she possibly afraid of? Being taken not seriously enough because of her younger age? Being used as a housewife? Staying at home every night watching movies and never going out? So don’t make her feel this! Anticipate possible conflicts down the road and don’t act like this.


7.  In Ukraine people won’t stare at you and judge you because  of your age difference. Everyone is used to seeing couples with a significant age difference. Age gap is not the taboo it once was. However,  you might need  to have a thick skin in your  country. Don’t let other peoples’ ignorance get in the way of your relationship. There are only 2 people whose opinions matter: you and her.


8. Avoid crappy dating behaviors: vague intentions, game-playing, lack of communication, ghosting.


9. Share some actual life experience she would be interested to hear about –this is just another benefit of dating an older man.


10. Don’t lose dating mentality. Create romance, get the routine out of the  way as often as you  can – Keep Her Engaged As A Woman.



Don’t be afraid to date younger women. It’s easy to Contact Beautiful Sexy Ladies Right Now.

 They are just women and they simply need all the basic things that make women happy: Love, Romance, Respect and Stability. Self-confidence and Maturity are your best assets in attracting and dating a younger hottie!