What makes Russian women so unique?

   Russian brides have been most actively sought-after brides from around the world for decades. The popularity of marrying a foreign bride has been growing rapidly, Eastern Europe being a key part of the international dating scene. What makes these women the gold standard for ideal wife?


    Slavic women have outstanding inner and outer beauty


   These women seem to be blessed with incredible genetics! Just take a look at all the famous actresses, models and sportswomen from Russia! Their natural beauty and sex appeal are fantastic!  In addition to their perfect genetics, it’s the right attitude to their bodies and looks as well as every day work on keeping fit, young   and healthy.  Diet, gym, fitness, healthy cooking and beauty salons are integral parts of everyday life of the majority of Russian brides – they simply work harder! They don’t underestimate the power of beauty and femininity and they often perceive it as their natural duty to look fabulous for their men.

   Russian ladies are well versed in fashion and make up. They know how to emphasize their natural beauty  and they know where to stop. Forget the stereotype about Russian women wearing high heels and fur coats when they go grocery-shopping! They always dress appropriately but stylish. But you can be sure that you will see her best dress on your first date!

   Once you get to know them closer you become amazed with their inner beauty: they are a rare combination of intelligence and pure heart. Having been raised in post-Soviet reality they are unspoiled and grateful for the simple things in life. They don’t take love and family for granted – this is just one more feature that makes them perfect wife material.


   Russian women see their men as leaders of the family

   There is no competition in the family if you marry a girl from Eastern Europe. They understand that relationship may require some work and efforts. Being talented in many areas, they never aim at being the leader of the family. Softness and understanding are their typical traits of character. Nevertheless, your Slavic bride will always be by your side at difficult times, and if you treat her with love and care, you can always count on her as your best and most reliable friend.



   Extreme Loyalty of Russian ladies


   Divorce seems to have turned into a normal thing in USA and Europe, especially when you are in your 40’s. Many couples are just absolutely unwilling and lazy to put in efforts in the relationship, they lack understanding and have excessive ego.

   However, Slavic women tend to fight for their relationship. They know that it takes two to tango. It goes without saying, that a typical Russian wife will never leave her husband when there is the first sign of trouble. When they say the famous words “ for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part” they really mean it. Forever.




   Intelligence and education of Russian ladies


   Here is some shocking statistics: 77% of Russian women have higher education degree. You can discuss pretty much anything you like with your Slavic bride. This explains why they are always desired guests at all kinds of events: smart and witty, beautiful and educated.  You may be concerned about certain cultural differences between the West and Eastern Europe, but in fact they are not as big as you may think and cannot be a serious problem in your relationship. The vast majority of Russian women are perfectly familiar with Western culture which is widespread all around the world nowadays, including movies, music, comedy shows, literature, blogs, media etc so it’s easy to find a bride with the same or similar interests and tastes. On the other hand it’s gets boring, when your partner is like your reflection in the mirror, so certain differences are absolutely needed to keep things spicy and conversations engaging. Trust us, you will have a lot of fun filling the gaps that you might have in regard to each other’s culture and mentality. We recommend reading



   Slavic Women are Perfect Mothers and Best Homemakers


   There is one more reason why Russian ladies are the most coveted wives:  family is always number one priority for them. They don’t put their careers and fun first. From their early childhood these girls dream of having a happy family: beloved husband and cute kids. If you want your children to grow up surrounded by love and care, if you want them to  be perfectly behaved and educated, your best contribution will be marrying a Russian bride. She will go to great lengths and do everything possible and impossible to raise healthy, beautiful and very happy children together with you. While she accepts your role as a breadwinner and leader of the family, she is always by your side – energetic and unfatiguable homemaker and devoted mom.


   There is a saying that the ideal woman must be the Lady in the living-room, the Chef in the kitchen and the Courtesan in the bedroom. To cut it short, if you agree with it, hurry up and start your search for a Russian bride!



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